MATL Mentor
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Job Description

Adjunct Faculty Member, Nova Southeastern University
Mentor for the Master of Arts in Teaching and Learning (MATL) program

Organizational placement: Reports to Academic Specialist and MATL Program Director

Primary responsibilities:

  • Assist Academic Specialist in delivery of online content

  • Facilitate and assess participatory elements of online courses, both synchronous (chats) and asynchronous (discussions)

  • Provide substantive and relevant feedback for professional development assignments

Secondary responsibilities:

  • Develop and publish guidelines for course requirements as needed to supplement provided materials

  • Answer student questions via email and discussion board postings

  • Post date-sensitive materials (calendar entries, assignment settings) within web classroom

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Working knowledge of WebCT online classroom system

  • Familiarity with current MATL program requirements and curriculum

  • Practical understanding of currently accepted best practices for classroom education

  • Word processing skills

  • Verbal communication skills

Minimum qualifications:

  • Masters-level degree in education

  • Full-time employment as an educator

Other preferred qualifications:

  • Online/distance learning experience

  • Web design experience

  • Spreadsheet usage