Vocal Music Teacher, Grades 6-12
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Job Description

Secondary Vocal Music Teacher
Riverdale C.U.S.D. #100

Organizational placement: Reports to middle school and high school principals

Primary responsibilities:

  • Teach two sections of 6th grade general music

  • Teach daily rehearsal classes for 7th/8th grade choir and high school choir

  • Teach semiweekly rehearsal classes for 6th grade choir

  • Conduct all three choral groups in regular, extracurricular performances

  • Program appropriate repertoire for rehearsal and performance

  • Schedule and teach individual and small-group vocal lessons

  • Manage and evaluate choir students' musical and academic development

    • Develop weekly lesson plans

    • Implement regular assessment strategies

  • Monitor and document student progress toward Illinois state standards for music education

  • Communicate effectively with parents and colleagues regarding scheduling issues, upcoming performances, and student progress

  • Develop and maintain additional vocal performing groups

    • Jazz choir

    • Competition ensembles

Secondary responsibilities:

  • Lead students in providing music for community events

  • Design and produce printed programs for ensemble performances

  • Manage assignment and care of performance uniforms

  • Maintain and expand choral music library and additional resources

  • Participate in building-specific and district-wide teams

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities:

  • Knowledge of musical structure, form, terminology, and conventions

  • Working knowledge of developmentally appropriate repertoire

  • Conducting skills

  • Correct vocal production skills

  • Communication skills

  • Aural training to detect discrepancy in pitch and intonation

Minimum qualifications:

  • Bachelor-level degree in education

    • Bachelor of Arts or Bachelor of Music

    • Major in music education

  • State teaching certificate

    • Appropriate grade level certification

    • Music endorsement or special certificate

Other preferred qualifications:

  • Basic piano skills

  • Teaching experience

  • Technology skills

    • Word processing

    • Music notation

    • Audio recording

    • Desktop publishing